Granny Flats

Granny Flats have become an extremely popular choice for home owners in recent years. This is because they represent an ideal financial investment with great rental income and excellent utilisation of land.

Granny Flats represent extremely high rental yield when leased out because they cost fraction of the price of a house to build yet rent for a much higher amount as a comparable percentage.

In Sydney, Granny Flats commonly bring in rental yields as high as 17% per annum. This means a rented Granny Flat can pay off its entire cost within only 6 years of rental, which makes it an obvious choice for astute investors.

Another reason for the rising demand for Granny Flats is that they utilise existing property to its best potential. There is no messy subdivisions or consolidations to deal with either. With the new state government and local councils regulations, building a Granny flat is now straight-forward process, with construction starting in a timely and easy  manner.

The use of otherwise “dead land’ that makes up the average Sydney backyard makes Granny flats popular amongst home owners who want to live within stone’s throw away from in-laws or children but with with enough privacy to provide independence for both parties.

We have packages that cater to different budgets and after signing with us, we will take care of the whole process for you from A to Z. That means we will undertake to file the applications, take care of all inspections and approvals. Once completed, we will hand over a final, ready to move in Granny flat built with the Zindo Constructions experience and commitment  to quality, since 2001.

Pick from one of our 3 Granny Flat designs to match your land or we can custom design your granny flat to meet your land and personal requirements.

Our Granny Flat Designs