Commercial Work 

Zindo Constructions has carried out work in the public, private and commercial sectors varying from small renovation projects through to large scale construction. 

One of the biggest projects undertaken was the conversion of a 3 story gymnasium and squash court centre in Fairfield heights to a 3 level club which included a bistro and poker machine area on the ground floor and a  700 person reception centre on the first floor. The project was completed in just over a year costing approximately $3.9 million dollars. The project had many engineering constraints that were both challenging and rewarding to overcome. These included combining of the second and third floors to create a high ceiling reception centre, installation of an elevator to allow disability access to the second floor, Replacing of over 600 m2 of corrugated asbestos roofing. Converting an existing building is obviously much more challenging than building out of the ground and this was an achievement we are very proud of.

Other work carried out in the commercial sector include an eight week nursing home renovation and extension project while the facility was still live with residents, nurses, doctors, and visitors, 2 week Medical centre renovation project carried out at night to ensure centre can trade during the day, a 6 week pharmacy complete fit-out of a bare shell, an 8 week hair salon complete fit-out of a bare shell and an 8 week restaurant complete fit-out of a bare shell. The short turnaround times required strategic planning and resourcing to ensure the work flowed according to the pre-set work program designed and implemented by our project managers and personnel.

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