Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be any additional costs when signing up for a SUPER Granny Flat or other works with Zindo Constructions?

Unlike many of our competitors, with Zindo Constructions, the price you are quoted at the start of the project is ALL INCLUSIVE. Meaning there are no hidden fees or costs such as Council contribution fees, Service Levys, and supply authority fees. Just as our motto suggest with Zindo Constructions, you will have a quality build with peace of mind that you will not be paying a cent over what you have been quoted at the start of the project.


2. How long will it take to build our SUPER Granny Flat?

The typical construction phase for a SUPER Granny Flats is 12 weeks. The typical process is set out as follows:

Week 3-5:

- Timber Framing

- Window Installation

- Brick Laying

- Gutter and Facia Installation

- Roof Installation

- Installation of wall lining

Week 6-9:

- Waterproofing

- Flooring Installation

- Tiling Bathroom

- Installation of Kitchen

- Installation of doors and joinery

Weeks 9-12:

- Final Bathroom and Laundry works

- Final Electrical works

- Final Plumbing works 

- Installation of Water Tank and Hot Water System

- Installation of Wardrobes

- Complete painting works

- Final Clean

- Handover to client

Week 1-2:

- Site Setout and Survey

- Piering and excavation

- Internal Plumbing

- Concrete Slab

- External Drainage

- External Electrical Connections

- Stormwater Connections